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The Order Season 2 Episode 10 “New World Order, Part 2”

We open to Vera healing herself after Alyssa and Salvador break parley and escape. Vera wants to know how Jack knew Salvador was Midnight. It was because of a quote Alyssa got from Salvador.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Panel: The Order Season 2

Spoiler Alert If you haven’t seen The Order Season 2 or haven’t made it past my episodes in my articles, the cast and crew talk about and show clips that give away parts of the season.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 3 “Fear Itself Part One”

We open to Jack and Gabriela. Jack is trying to get out of stuff with Gabriela and she isn’t happy, but when is she? In another area of campus, Hamish and Randall smooch it up. Lilith and Nichole are working on spells back at the Order. Then they also smooch.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 2 “Free Radicals, Part 2”

We open to the Knights cleaning and plotting. Midnight, Jack’s werewolf, wants to gut the Order. Jack isn’t completely opposed. They get done with cleaning and talk some more, making a better plan.

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The Order Season 2 Episode 1 “Free Radicals, Part 1”

In the season premier we open to Jack waking up from a nightmare. Gabby knocks him out with powder and tells him what he needs to remember. Alyssa and the Grand Magus are talking and Alyssa asks her about their response to the Knights of St. Christopher. The Grand Magus is unhappy with the questions so they move on to how the knights were able to shape shift. One of the pelts jumps on Diego.

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