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The Impact Of Dungeons & Dragons Panel At SDCC

Deborah mentioned that when an audition goes awry, she can remind herself that she rolled a two that day while she may have a +6 to charisma.

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D&D Live 2021 Helped the Kids Roll a Nat 20

This past weekend was full of dragons, mystic fey creatures, and aiding kids in need. That is right; it was the weekend of D&D Live!

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Charity and D&D Collide in “Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge”

November is the time for snuggling under a blanket, sipping hot cider, and watching beautiful D&D campaigns come to life.

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D&D Live 2019: Relics and Rarities

Roll out your D20s it’s time to dish on Relics and Rarities!

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“Relics and Rarities” Redefines Dungeons and Dragons

With every roll of the die, I fell deeper and deeper in love with Relics and Rarities.

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