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‘Free Guy’ Is One of Ryan Reynolds’ Best Films Ever!

After a year of continual delays due to COVID-19, 20th Century Films movie, Free Guy, has finally released in theaters. Starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular Guy, Free Guy is about an NPC in a video game trying to change his world for the better and ends up shaking things up in the process.

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Marvel Characters, UFC Edition: Friendly Commentary (Part 1)

Marvel vs Capcom has always been a fun game. The crossover between the two universes gives a fresh feel to combat games. Yet, one specific artist took the word combat a little bit too seriously when he decided to reincarnate some of the iconic Marvel characters as UFC fighters.

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Horrible (Maybe) Things You’d Expect Deadpool To Do If He Was Real

Imagine if Deadpool was real. What are some of the horrible things he’d do?

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