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American Gods Season 3 Episode 6 Conscience Of The King

We open to Tyr and Wednesday killing men to gain treasure. They are great friends and comrades. Tyr tells Wednesday of a Goddess he wants to woo. Wednesday offers to help him win her. She takes one look at Wednesday and Tyr knows something is there between them instantly.

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Seis Manos is Hands Down the Best Netflix Original Anime of 2019…and Here are Some Bomb Ass Reasons Why

The year is 2019 and the anime scene is hot, hot, HOT. And amid the clangor of every other series, Seis Manos comes in hot with its enticing plot, fiery characters and addicting progressive attitude. But what is it about this series that’s so alluring? Well, buckle up, kiddos, because I’ve got a lot to say about this one!

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Bill Nye Saves the World – Episode 4 “Recipes From the Future” (Recap and Review)

Bill Nye gets his science on with a series of surprise guests and subjects relevant to today’s perilous existence

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