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Legion SDCC 2018 Panel Recap

“This is how I get information about Legion, by the way. Just coming to Comic-Con and listening to the panel.”

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Legion – Chapter 5

David Haller is changed. Syd knows it. Melanie sees it. David embodies it. His attitude-formerly confused, anxious, volatile borderline schizophrenic-has been replaced by a suave, debonair, cocky and arrogant dude. The changes...

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Legion – Chapter 4

I have no idea what’s real. And I’m pretty sure that’s what “Legion” wants its viewership to feel. As off-kilter and out of balance as David feels. This almost feels like a capsule episode-separate from the narrative the first...

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Legion – Chapter 2

David’s having a breakdown. It must be difficult to be told (and believe) you’re schizophrenic when actually you’re probably the world’s most powerful mutant. That’s where “Legion” picked up last week. David is in the capable...

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Legion: Chapter 1

It has been a long, hard road to get the Marvel Universe on the small screen. Various plots have been bandied about but none have come to fruition until now. “Legion” is an ambitious (albeit, clunky pilot) story following...

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Legion Is Finally Here!

From Marvel Comics and FX Production, “Legion” is part of the X-Men universe. Following the exploits of Professor Charles Xavier’s son David Haller, the series will have a limited first season run of 8 episodes on FX Network....

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