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Charmed Season 2 Episode 19 “Unsafe Space”

We open to SafeSpace Seattle getting new security cameras as well as magic detectors. There is a ruckus upstairs and when Maggie and Mel go to check it out, they find out Harry and Macy got lucky.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 17 “Search Party”

We open to Macy figuring out how to tell Julian it is over. She is fretting over hurting his feelings because he is a good guy. Jordan is still stuck in Idaho and contacts Maggie.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 13” Breaking The Cycle”

We open to Harry hearing strange noises outside the attic. When the door opens, it’s Dark Harry. Dark Harry wants Light Harry to meet him in one hour. Next Light Harry wakes up and has green in his veins. Maggie wakes too having had a dream or vision or premonition about Dark Harry.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 12 “Needs To Know”

We open to the dark half of the first white lighter made, Helen, being given her medication. Well, rather she was about to be when a commotion pulls the people away.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 11 “Dance Like No One Is Witching”

We open to a car accident. Both parents are dead but the child survives. It was Julian Shea. Macy did in fact go to Aspen to be with him. Mel and Harry return from a rescue mission with Harry’s arm clawed.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 10 “Curse Words”

We open to Jordan’s birthday party at Safespace Seattle. Ray is going stir crazy and Jordan is suspicious of the sisters.While he may be suspicious of them Maggie is looking out for him because of the curse. He is cursed to die at 25 but is about to turn 26. She had good reason.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 9 “Guess Who’s Coming To SafeSpace Seattle”

We open to Maggie getting attacked. Fortunately it’s by Jordan so she can learn self defense. Jordan wants her to know this because of Parker. It looks like Maggie is getting new powers or he old ones are advancing. While talking to Mel, Maggie gets a premonition of Dark Harry. Macy is working on moving stuff with her mind with Harry.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 8 “The Rules Of Engagement”

So, it really did happen. Parker proposed to Maggie. As a way to unite their worlds and end the bloodshed and him getting the woman he loves.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 6 “When Sparks Fly”

Now that Harry knows who and what the dark lighter is he explains it to Mel and Maggie. Maggie thinks she is getting her powers back because she gets visions when touching Jordan. Harry is uneasily sure that Macy is in no danger from his other half. The reason being is that since light Harry has feelings for her, then so does dark Harry. Light Harry explains why he believes this.

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6 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Charmed One This Yule Season

The original Charmed TV show was a total hit and almost required watching for witches of any age. The new Charmed TV show was met with mixed reviews. One thing is for sure though, Charmed new or old, is here to stay. I found a few completely cool gifts I would love to have. Maybe the Charmed fan in your life would love them too.

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Charmed Season 2 Episode 3 “Careful What You Witch For”

Can they defeat the overlord? Do they get their powers back?

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