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Bones Recap 11 X 11!

Thoughts Following The Death in the Defense What an incredible hour of television. Perhaps this isn’t coming from the most impartial of sources. Who am I kidding? I might as well have birthed this show because I am a...

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Bones 11×07

This week’s episode was simply magical. For more reasons than one, obviously, as the case dealt primarily with magic. But it was magic for a number of reasons- yet another glimpse into the magical marriage between Booth and...

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Bones 11×06 Review

This week was almost literally (or maybe fully literally) a shipper’s dream. The episode showcased the kind of scenes I believed to happen in only the most indulgent of fanfiction tales. I do recall having to pinch myself a time...

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Bones 11×05

I remember hearing about the crossover with Sleepy Hollow months ago. Actually, I recall hearing about the blind item well before that. I think the initial news took a lot of us by surprise. Some were furious, others were...

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Bones 11×03: Recap

After two relatively unconventionally structured Bones episodes, we have once again returned to the more routine format of the show. This means opening up the episode with the standard body reveal. And as per usual, it was...

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Bones 11×02: Recap

I spent the entirety of the last week completely reeling from the events that transpired in the Bones premiere. What an absolutely insane and exceptional kick-start to this eleventh season. I almost believed it to be beyond the...

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Bones 11×01: Recap

Welcome back to Bones! Season 11 is certainly off to a wild start. For anyone who wanted to ease comfortably back into the show, you might want to grab an inhaler. Because this goes from 0 to 100 pretty quickly. There was a...

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