Blood Rites By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 6

This time we find Harry dodging incendiary monkey poo. He is trying to get away from the demon monkeys that can fly with a box of puppies.


Death Masks By Jim Butcher The Dresden Files Book 5

Harry went from hard up work wise to more than plenty of work. One of the things that he has done currently is a taping for the Larry Fowler Show. The funny thing is, is that for wizards, they don’t mix with modern electronics so going on a TV show with all those fancy electronics is kind of silly.

The Counsels And Groups And Courts In The Harry Dresden Universe

As I read and review the books for The Dresden Files, I find myself realizing that much of Harry’s world needs an introduction and/or an explanation. In this article I will explain the Counsels, Courts and groups. I feel the need for a SPOILER ALERT. As to negate the need for a new list every so often, I plan to talk about things that happen much later in the series.