Nerdy Themed Wedding Ideas

What a better way to start your life together with your significant other than letting your nerd flag fly? Bond over your mutual nerdiness and let the fun flow. I know Star Wars weddings have been done loads as have Dr. Who but who cares? They still rock! There is no shortage of material for themed nerdy weddings.


Crimson Death By Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake Series Book 23

It is well known to Anita that vampires “die” during sunlight hours and “live” during night hours. Powerful master vamps have the ability to “go to sleep” and “wake up” earlier than other run of the mill or young vampires. Jean-Claude is a master vampire and can stay up about a half an hour to an hour past true dawn but cannot face the sun unscathed. Damian however is different; he is a daywalker…