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America: The Motion Picture; More Like America: The Bad Fanfiction

This past week, America: the Motion Picture premiered on Netflix, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend. However, instead of being the second coming of Team America: World Police, what we got was, essentially, an attempt to fuse the artistic style of Archer with pop culture references on the level of Ready Player One and Robot Chicken together. The end result is less of a satirical retelling of America’s founding and more a teenager’s fanfic that they wrote for their history class the night before it was due. It’s not even the good, high-quality fanfiction, either.

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Archer Season 11 Announced at SDCC

They’ve gone noir, they’ve gone adventure, and they’ve gone to space, which everyone thought would be the last hurrah.

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SDCC 2018: Archer Parties Like It’s 1999

The full cast was present for SDCC 2018, revealing tidbits on what to expect from Archer: 1999. Lucky Yates, clad in a Crackers the Parrot costume, was basking in the entire casts’ enthusiasm for the new direction. Robot sex, alien sex, regular sex, and the return of a character many fans missed during Danger Island. That’s right, everyone’s favorite psychopathic cyborg killer Barry will be returning as a space bounty hunter (which is just a regular bounty hunter, but in space), named Barry 6.

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