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Rafael~ An Anita Blake Novel By Laurell K. Hamilton Book 30

This book centers around Rafael and his fight. As the book opens, we learn that Rafael must fight to retain his kingship.

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Anita Blake ~ Notable Businesses In The Anitaverse

Would a world be a world without interesting locals? It can be amazing vistas, sweeping deserts, or even winding forests. You can’t be there all the time though.

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Magickal Beings Beside Vampires In The Anitaverse

Laurell K. Hamilton does a superb job bringing Anita’s world to life but it’s easy to lose track of what shapshifters there are in the Anitaverse. Never fear, Andie is here to help. This article will tell you which lycanthropes there are as well as other shapeshifters and a little bit about them. I will even tell you what the other magickal beings there are in the books.

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