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The Mist Season 1 Recap and Review: Potential of Season 2?

Season 1 of #TheMist left us with mixed feelings, but season 2 is still on our wish list!

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The Mist Episode 8: The Slow Burn Desensitized us to the Action and “Big Reveal”

Everyone is losing it in Episode 8 of #TheMist, reveals and turns have us hyped for the next episode!

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The Mist Episode 6 ” The Devil You Know” Failed to Find Footing 

#TheMist on Spike had trouble getting back on track, but it’s poised to explode soon

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“The Mist” Premiere Overcompensates for it’s Slow Start, but Remains a Must See

The Mist has rolled in on Spike, and the pilot has us demanding more!

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