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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 8 “The Path Of Shadows”

At the end of last episode Nick came across Ace in an accident. Nancy confronts her father about the death of Lucy. In the middle of the confrontation, George tells Nancy about Ace. At the hospital Nancy goes full on investigation mode. She gets Bess to open Ace’s phone. That’s when she hears the recording of the accident. As Chief McGinnis stands there he senses a presence as he turns he sees a shadowy figure.

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 5 “Case Of The Wayward Spirit”

It seems as though Tiffany’s spirit has entered George’s body. When George returned the ring, she forgot to put the mirror on Tiffany’s chest.

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 4 “The Haunted Ring”

Who is Bess? What is with the mist in George’s bag? What is going on in the little town of Horseshoe Bay? Did the original books take place in Horseshoe Bay?

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Drunk History + National Parks = The Great (drunk) Outdoors!

#drunkhistory+National Parks=The Great (drunk) Outdoors!

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