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Broad City: Twaining Day

It finally happened, Abbi (with her former love Trey) trained (a very reluctant) Shania Twain. Broad City was back in present day this week, after a fantasy Sliding Doors-style episode that showed us Abbi and Ilana’s origin...

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TGON READS – Mother Night

Hello my little nerdites, this week, I thought I would submit to you a quick piece on how good “Mother Night” is and how you should definitely read Vonnegut, if you haven’t already. Not only is Vonnegut a master of everything...

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TGON Reads: Wintergirls

In this weeks’ book, I decided to examine a longtime favorite of mine. “Wintergirls” is, in my opinion, Anderson’s best book. Anderson writes like how I wish I could write. Her words are lyrical and poetic, and yet beautifully...

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TGON Reads: Zer0es

Today, I thought I’d tell you about a fantastic book I stumbled upon while searching for a new Kindle adventure. (despite being such an avid book lover, I fully embrace the electronic platform movement.) I found a cheap little...

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TGON Reads – The Silver Star

This week, I thought I’d follow up on last week’s post with another book by Jeanette Walls. I was such a fan of her auto-biography, that I thought any following fiction book might be just as good. To my disappointment, “The...

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TGON Reads – Water for Elephants

Historical fiction? CHECK. Adorable animals? Check! Love story? Check check check. This book hits all the notes, and has a story that will completely keep you captivated. Should we talk about the movie? No…no we shouldn’t. Water...

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TGON Reads – The Glass Castle

Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls This week’s book is one of my favorite’s. I’m a sucker for autobiographies, specifically one’s about overcoming tragedy, suffering, or personal obstacles. Walls captures her own family story,...

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