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Hey there! I am back with another edition of Would Andie Watch It, and this time I checked out Grimm. For those who don’t know, I watch between one and three episodes and let you know if I like it and want to keep watching. As for the show, if, upon reading the name, you think of Grimm fairytales, you would be precisely on the right track. I was so excited to watch this because I love fantasy, which is precisely what fairytales are. I grew up with fairytales, specifically, these fairytales alongside the Disney ones. It was fascinating to see the differences.

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Grimm is a show about a detective that finds out he is a descendant of the Grimms and has certain abilities. He can see wesen like blutbaden and hexenbiest. What a Wesen is, is like the big bad wolf or the little piggies made vaguely like werewolves (I don’t mean the pigs look like werewolves, just that they have different forms). Instead of being tied to the moon, they appear human, but when they feel intense feelings, they show what they are. A blutbad is akin to the big bad wolf, and a hexenbiest is a witch-like being. The way they bring the fairy tale beings to life looks impressive. Both that I have mentioned are intense looking when they woge—the blutbaden look like a closer to a human-looking werewolf. From what I looked up, Wesen identifies Grimms by the infinite darkness in the Grimm’s eyes that they can see when they woge.

The first episode takes its cues from Little Red Riding Hood, and we meet Detective Nick Burkhardt (David Gluntoli) of the Portland Police Department. His girlfriend is Juliette Silverton (Elizabeth Tulloch), and his partner is Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby). Nick’s Aunt Marie (Kate Burton) shows up and is dying. She wants to tell Nick about his family history of being a Grimm and teach him what Wesen are and what he needs to do about them. We also meet Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), a blutbad, and he and Nick seem to be developing a working relationship. Will they become friends?

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The second episode takes its inspiration from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The bear Wessen, jagerbars, are ferocious looking when they woge. The third episode is about bees. Unfortunately, I don’t know a fairytale about bees. It’s a good episode anyway. I just don’t remember the tale. Do you know of a fairytale that is about bees or that is prominently featured? Let me know in the comments below, please.

The episodes have engaging storylines. I get pulled into each one. I always restart what I watch for this article series so my memory is refreshed as I write, and I keep getting sucked into watching rather than writing. The actual costumes are nothing to write home about. They look like standard clothes that fit the PNW, but there isn’t a lot of variation or color. However, as I said, the Wesen look great. I am confident at least 90% of when we see the wesen woged, it is CGI, but it is done well. It isn’t an overselling of what they are. They are close to being believable.

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Each person plays their character well, but I must say, Nick and Juliette, for being boyfriend/girlfriend, lack chemistry. Nick and Hank have more chemistry than Nick and Juliette. Overall though, I genuinely enjoy the show and want to know where this goes. Aunt Marie implored Nick to break up with Juliette. He was on the brink of proposing when shit hit the fan. Will he heed his aunt?

So, yes, I will definitely watch this. I gotta know where this goes. Don’t forget my earlier question. Do you know of a fairytale that features bees? Have you watched this show before? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!