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Hello again! I am back with a movie this time. Since I love sci-fi movies, I picked Into The Storm (2014). It is a storm movie that I haven’t seen yet. Unfortunately, on Rotten Tomatoes, it scores a 21%, so it has a splat and is considered rotten. However, this gives me hope that it is one of my fun B movies.

While watching this movie, the camera goes back and forth between an overall POV and a personal one. It isn’t as bad as, say, The Blair Witch Project, but it isn’t my favorite. The storm scenes are pretty cool. The storm is the problem in the story, so I was happy about that.

The movie is about a major hurricane. It is a class 5 or above. It follows a family. The dad, Gary (Richard Armitage), is the principal of the high school his sons Donnie (Max Deacon) and Trey (Nathan Kress) attend. On the day of graduation, the boys are working on a video time capsule for school, and part of the time capsule is filming the graduation. Donnie is in love with Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and she is having a tech problem with her application for an opportunity. Trey encourages Donnie to go after Kaitlyn. When Donnie does, he ends up having Trey film the ceremony (he was supposed to help), so he can help Kaitlyn meet her deadline. The movie also follows a group of storm chasers, Pete (Matt Walsh), Allison (Sarah Wayne Callies), Reevis (Jon Reep), Daryl (Arlen Escarpeta), and Jacob (Jeremy Sumpter). They are following a major storm system and trying to get more information about tornadoes.

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Gary and his boys knew there was a storm system and that there was a possibility of a storm. Gary and the other school staff decided to carry on with an outside ceremony. As I am sure you guessed, it started raining. As the rain increases, the tornado warning goes off. Everyone rushes into the school for protection from the storm. When the tornado passes, the people inside the school think the danger has passed. Allison and her team head to the school following the storms. Once there, she ends up warning Gary that the storm is going to get worse and they need to find better shelter than the school. Gary has Trey, but Donnie is out with Kaitlyn at the abandoned paper mill in town, helping her out, hoping that she will end up liking him as he likes her. The tornado hit the school first and then hit the paper mill.

Gary and Trey do their damnedest to get there and save Donnie and Kaitlyn. Donnie drowns but is miraculously revived through CPR. So not going to actually happen. I must admit, though, I sat there hoping that Donnie would be saved even though I knew, technically, it was impossible. I was relieved when he coughed, though. The race against the storm was ok. There were a lot of obstacles. The storm chaser I mentioned earlier continued to help the school. For Pete, it coincided with his own goal of chasing the storm. He had a pretty nifty rig, though. It even had an anchor for the vehicle so they could be in the center of the storm.


Over all, I didn’t like the movie. I continued to get bored, and my mind wandered elsewhere constantly. I was disappointed because it was one of the kinds of not mainstream sci-fi movies I like. So my decision on it is that I wouldn’t watch it again. Have you watched it before? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!