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Hey everybody! Today’s installment of Would Andie Watch It is on Warrior Nun. It is a Netflix original series, so obviously, it is found on Netflix. It has three seasons for you to watch. The story follows a girl named Ava who died and woke up in the middle of a deadly fight. She runs off, not understanding what is going on, only to be left with more questions.

Ava grew up in an orphanage and died there as a person with quadriplegia. The nuns were in the middle of a fight, and after they took a ring out of one dying nun’s back, they had to hide it in another body because bad guys were after it. The nun nor the priests expected it to resurrect someone, but it did, and now they must search for her. There is a red, floating mist that continues to entice Ava to follow it.

The church eventually finds Ava. I must say I am pretty confused about the priest. Is he a bad guy or just a weird good guy? In any case, Ava is thrust into a whole fighting for God group and is confused and a touch resistant. Who wouldn’t be? You die a quadriplegic, wake up with superpowers, and are told you now have to fight for God because you have a halo in your back that you didn’t ask for. On the positive side, you can walk again. Ava must choose whether or not to be a part of the Order. If she chooses no, she must return the Halo, which may kill her.

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I like this. This is not my spirituality, but I do like what they have done. I am curious to see where this goes. So far, this has touched on spirituality, science vs. faith, choice, and warlike themes, as well as church politics. It’s a heavy show, but in a good way. I recommend it.

Are you going to check out Warrior Nun on Netflix? It is definitely worth the watch, as far as I have seen. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!