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If you missed my last article on Masters Of The Universe, you can find it here.

Here we are again. Today we are checking out Sleepy Hollow (2013-2017). We covered it for a few seasons here early on at The Game of Nerds. It has a few familiar faces, such as Orlando Jones and John Noble. Nikki Reed from the Twilight saga plays in this too. She plays Betsy Ross, according to IMDB. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that far. It is interesting to watch John Cho (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle 2004) in this.

Do you know the story of Sleepy Hallow and the Headless Horseman? I watched the movie Sleepy Hollow (1999) starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci and loved it. I highly recommend it.

This particular incarnation of the story has Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) awakening in 1999, two hundred and fifty years from when he died. Everyone and everything he knew and loved is gone and changed. He teams up with Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) of the Sleepy Hollow police department to face the evil that was awakened. Unfortunately, Ichabod gets put in a mental institution for a little bit.

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The horseman they are fighting is the first horseman of the biblical apocalypse. He is most undoubtedly headless and takes the heads of his victims. The first head he took was Abbie’s boss and mentor, Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown). As Abbie looks into the impossible, she finds that Sheriff Corbin is in the middle of this whole mess. She gets Ichabod out of the nuthouse just before he gets sedated. I have no idea why he was being sedated. He was in the middle of a dream with his wife. Fortunately, she gives him clues and tells him what to do.

The suspense in this is excellent. You want to keep watching to find out what happens next. It is infuriating when the episode ends because ARGH!!! What happens?! I must say, this show is fun. It is an intriguing way to present the story. More story is put into it, and it doesn’t feel like they are trying to stretch the story too thin. There is enough of everything, action, drama, and even comedy, to fill out the who premise. I love it. I will be watching more of this show and getting my hubby to sit with me through it. I know he will enjoy it.

Have you watched or read anything to do with Sleepy Hollow? If you like the story, I think you will like this. I am even ok with it having to do with biblical ideas. I am not big on Christian themes, but this one is ok with me. They did an outstanding job. Is this something you think you will watch? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!