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This is not my usual “Would Andie Watch It?” article, but I got so excited when I saw this. I remember this from childhood, but unfortunately, I could not remember the storyline, nor if I liked it. So, I figured, what the hell? Obviously, I can’t watch a few episodes and let you know my verdict, so I watched the whole thing. Let me tell you about this movie.

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First, let me show my age. I am a young Gen Xer. I remember when the He-Man cartoons came out. (The original She-Ra too) I loved them. Watching Prince Adam go from his princely self to He-Man was colorful and a whole sequence in the cartoon. Now the full title of the cartoon was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This movie is titled Masters of the Universe. Trust me; it is about a conflict between He-Man and Skeletor,

It opens to Skeletor, having already captured the Sorceress, eager and poised to take He-Man prisoner. But He-Man and the rest of his team slip from his clutches. Intent on saving the Sorceress and thwarting Skeletor, they break into his stronghold. Unfortunately, they end up having to leave her to save themselves and, in the process, end up on Earth.

Oh, man. You have got to see the makeup and effects. As stated in the title, this was released in ’87, so you have to keep that in mind. Evil-Lyn’s makeup is soooo bad. Skeletor’s is even worse. Beastman is hideous and not in the best of ways. I think Kobra Khan is in there. His makeup is horrible. There is a gremlin/goblin-type character that is Ewwww. The special effects are on the bad end of what you would expect from the 80s.

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Acting in this movie are He-Man- Dolph Lundgren, Skeletor- Frank Langella, Man-At-Arms- Jon Cypher, Teela- Chelsea Field, Julie- a very young Courteney Cox, Kevin- Robert Duncan McNeill, Gwildor (he replaces Orko)- Billy Barty, Evil-Lyn- Meg Foster, and the Sorceress- Christina Pickles.

All of that being said, the more I watched, the more I remembered. I loved the movie as a kid. If you have read a few of my movie articles, you will have caught on to I love B movies. This movie is definitely that. By the time the film was done, I watch way too happy. I remember my brother not liking it so much because it is a B movie. He was quite disappointed, if I remember right. My brother is younger than me and liked He-Man much more than I did. I always like She-Ra more. But anyway, he was disappointed because no one really looked like their cartoon counterparts. He-Man and Skeletor came closest.


I missed some things from the cartoon. First, Orko. If you don’t remember, he was the little red guy with the witch’s hat that flew around. They replaced him with Gwildor. As an adult, I understand why, but even so, I missed Orko. I also miss the way the Sorceress looks in the cartoon. The one in the movie didn’t look like she had any association with hark she could turn into in the cartoon. I know why she couldn’t turn into a hawk today, but they could have done something with the costume to link them. Most of all, I missed the show of He-Man turning into He-Man and calling power to him. You get it a little bit, but I want more. Maybe it is because of the effects at the time. In all fairness, he doesn’t revert to Prince Adam in the movie. He does call his power to him, though.

Overall, would I watch this movie? Yes! As I watched and remembered it, as I said earlier, I got excited. While I missed some aspects, and the effects and makeup could have been better (even for the 80s), I loved it. Some of the acting could have been better, but it wasn’t horrible. Is this for everyone? Oh no. Not at all. But give it a try. You might be surprised. Does this sound like something you would watch? Let me know in the comments below.