Whether you have kids or not, seeing the back-to-school sales is bound to bring back memories of your first days of school. Do you remember what was big when going back to school? Who was on your lunch box? Were you a cheerleader, student council, or maybe one of us in the corner that played fantasy games? Or were you really into books and comics? That was me too.

Me? I was a weirdo. I wore grunge and liked Lisa Frank. I loved my books and music. But, of course, the books I liked didn’t have merchandise to show my loyalty yet. That didn’t come out until after I had kids. I loved The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle books. I also read the Archie comics. The Betty and Veronica Double Digests were my favorite.

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I remember when trapper keepers were the binders to have. I filled mine with Lisa Frank folders and put it in my Jan Sport backpack. We always had to cover our school books to protect them so we could turn them in at the end of the year. They made covers you could buy. However, I liked doing it myself with brown paper bags. I had to have my Bic mechanical pencils, and I was never without my purple and pink highlighters. My husband was brilliant with decorating his school supplies, CD covers! I still remember the stackable pencils and multi-color pens I coveted.

For my husband, he didn’t worry so much about school supplies. He was there to socialize. It was all about the look. He went to Zumiez and Hot Topic back when it was actually cool. He loved his JNCO Jeans, his Converse, and Vans. Though he is a skateboarder, some of his friends “fruitbooted” it, which means they like rollerblades better. They wanted the K2 roller blades. For me, once I got control over my own wardrobe and hair, I preferred ponytails and grunge. It was all about oversized shirts, flannels, and jeans. I paired my outfits with combat boots. More towards graduation, I got into what is now referred to as whimsigoth.

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When I was a kid, I wanted She-Ra on my lunchbox. I think I had a She-Ra lunchbox. The yellow one. I was even She-Ra one year for Halloween. Speaking of Halloween, that is coming up before you know it too. What was your favorite costume? I think my favorite was when I was a bobby sock girl. I had the best costume at the school dance. My stepmother had made me an honest-to-God poodle skirt, and I had the saddle shoes to go with it.

Thank you for taking that trip with me. Did it bring back any memories for you? Where did you go on your trip? What were your must-haves for school? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!

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