Family Guy is a staple at San Diego Comic-Con, so of course, they had a panel here this year. Ultimately, the cast and crew were unable to make it. In fact, on Twitter, Brian Griffin responded to Jimmy Campbell, saying that no one would be in attendance at the panel. So instead, everyone in the room got a sneak peek at Season 21. Family Guy’s 21st season premieres on September 25th, 2022. I found the close to six-minute YouTube video and put it below for you to enjoy. I love how they did the clips within the clip. It is also apparent that Family Guy writers are still not above a fart joke, though I hadn’t pictured it quite the way the writers put it. I tried, but unfortunately, I could not find why the cast and crew weren’t there.

Don’t forget, Family Guy Season 21 premieres on September 25th. Family Guy can be found on FoxNow or Hulu for your streaming enjoyment.