Guess who is back again. It is I, Andie with another show. If you missed my Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated article, you can find it here. Today’s series is a Netflix Original called Ragnarok. If you don’t know what Ragnarok is, it is the Norse belief of how the world will end. I have been eyeing it for a while and this series of articles gave me the perfect excuse to watch it. My husband and I have been having fun with these articles, we watch the show together and discuss what we think of it. Speaking of fun, Ragnarok is a lot of fun. It is intense, but fun. Let me tell you about it.

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The show is foreign and takes place in Norway. Lucky for us, it is dubbed. If you don’t like the audio and lips not matching up, you won’t like this. Also, the closed captions and the spoken words don’t always match up. So you end up with nothing about the words matching. It is really weird at first but as you get sucked into the show it becomes not a big deal.

At the beginning of each episode, it tells the definition of different Norse terms. The show follows a high school student named Magne. He is a tall and broad-shouldered teen but he is a sweet and kind young man. Magne and his family, (mom Turid and brother Laurits) move to the town of Edda. They used to live there when Magne was a small boy. When Magne helps an old man in the street, his wife, I think, wipes Magne’s brow and something happens with lightning in his eyes. Something seems to have been awakened.

The town is “owned” by a company named Jutul. The company is headed by Vidar. His wife Ran is the principal and “English’ teacher of Magne’s school. Their children Saxa and Fjor go to school there also. There is something off about them. I think they are from Jotunheim.

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Magne is not a boy with friends so when Isolde befriends him, he is floored. She includes him in conversation and kind of looks out for him. He smiles around her a lot. Because of her Magne starts to embrace what makes him different. She, unfortunately, doesn’t make it past the first episode but his grief spurs him into action.

The old couple from the beginning has something major to do with this, I know it. I want to find out what. As the show goes on Magne’s brother, Laurits, seems to be losing control. I am trying to figure out his angle. As we go through the episodes, Vidar wants to know who Magne is and eventually wants him dead. I supposed Vidar pushes Magne to find himself too.

I want to find out who everyone is. Now yes, it follows a high schooler but this is not a teen show. I am going to do a series review on this. That will be in soon. For me and my husband, it is 4.5 out of 5 stars. The only reason it was not five stars for us is the words did not match at all. Have I enticed you to give this a shot? Or have you watched this? Let me know in the comments below.

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