Hi! I am back with another series. I am watching the first one to three episodes of a series and telling you if I think you should watch it. If you missed my thoughts on Good Omens, you can find it here. Today’s offering is The Blacklist starring Megan Boone and James Spader.

The show has an awesome first episode that starts with a bang. A highly wanted criminal turns himself in and only wants to talk to Elizabeth Keen. He gives her information but there is a price. For some reason, he is obsessed with her. Oh, and he has a list of demands to help.

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The show starts with an adrenaline rush and it certainly has its ups and downs emotionally. I particularly hate when kids are put in danger, be it in real life or on the screen. Unfortunately, this show starts with that. It is an effective tactic though. I continued watching not only because I wanted to make sure the child was OK, but also because they did a really good job with the script.

I like the Elizabeth Keen role and Megan Boone plays it to perfection. They added enough information to make you want to keep watching, but not too much to completely overwhelm or confuse you as Kung Fu did. James Spader plays Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington the criminal in question. I have seen Spader in some of his other roles but I don’t recall him doing one like this. It is perfectly possible that I am wrong.

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The second episode did not have me as engaged as the first one. I want to know more about her husband but got more case stuff instead. It is still well written and well played. It just wasn’t what I wanted. I do have to say though, his reach is pretty impressive. In the first episode, I thought maybe he has some redeeming qualities that might be peeking out. This episode took that away.

The third and final episode I watched for this starts violently too. Liz has to play a part in a role she has no clue how to perform. Her life and Red’s will be on the line as well as a potential American spy. I don’t like Liz’s colleges. Especially Ressler. The episode is heart-pounding through a good portion of it.

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I tend to enjoy crime dramas. I have been watching Law & Order and Law & Order SVU forever now, Criminal Minds, and some others so, yeah, I like them a whole lot. I will continue to watch this series, it is definitely exciting. I love the heart-pounding moments, though I do wish a little more of the personal side was there. It is slowly building so I am expecting a major crash when it all gets pulled out. This is a four out of five for me.

Is this a show you have watched? What were your thoughts? Would you recommend this show to others? Why or why not? Please spill in the comments below. I am excited to hear your thoughts even if they don’t align with mine. Until next time.