With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of our thoughts are turning to the idea of popping the question. If you have a significant other who is a nerd, it would be fantastic to reflect their fandom with the engagement ring. Today, there are so many new options for this. Too bad I am already married. I would love to get some of these.

Those who serve the Horde in WoW would love to get this exquisite ring. With a red center stone and white stones flanking the sides, it is definitely sparkling. To show their solidarity with the horde, the ring bears the symbol of two sides.

Source Bored Panda

This beautiful Pokeball ring is stunning. With all white stones to dazzle the eyes, it had a beautiful red stone as an accent. The recipient of the ring is sure to be excited that you chose them.

Source Popsugar

Any Joker fans out there? Have you found your Harley Quinn? My cousin and his girlfriend would be super excited for this engagement ring for her. I am going to have to show my cousin for his girl.

Source Geek For The Win

For those Trekkies out there, this Star Trek engagement ring should be your cup of tea. With a beautiful blue stone laying on a communicator, this will hopefully serve to help remember to keep communication open.

Source Chip Chick

For those who play D&D, I can see someone being over the moon for this ring. It is wonderful for someone who isn’t into stones or anything sparkly. It looks to be of suburb quality and just as alluring as anything with a stone.

Source Mental Floss

It is exciting to see a DC ring that isn’t Batman or Superman inspired. Enter flash. With a golden lightning bolt that stands out against the ruby red of the stone. It is a breathtaking piece. Brilliant white stone set the whole thing ablaze so it seems to come alive.

Source Geek For The Win

Are any of these something you would like to give or get? What is your perfect engagement ring for yourself or the one you love? I would love to hear about it in the comments below. Of these, I can’t choose between the D&D one or the Trekkie one. Have a happy Valentine’s Day. Until next time.