Magic The Gathering Color~ Green, The Forests

I am back again to talk about the colors of Magic the Gathering. For those of you who are new, to play Magic, you need mana. Mana is the land in the game. There are five colors, black, blue, red, white, and green. Today’s color is green. If you missed my blue, black, white, and red articles, I provided the links. Let’s get to it.

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Green is one of my favorites to play. Truthfully, I don’t care to use red, but I do really like green. I have a green and white deck that I call my Saproling deck. Everyone hates it. As my son points out, green is a great supporting color. It works well with all the other colors but can also help to smash your opponents or even decimate them on its own. It is great for adding to the life and toughness of a card. The creatures are often pretty big.

Green has creatures such as elves, wurms, spiders, saprolings, and treefolk. It very much strikes me as a nature-oriented color. It has abilities like reach, convoke, and trample. You do see trample with red too, but since I don’t play red… Reach allows you to block a flying creature with a land creature. You often find this with spiders and elves. Convoke is my favorite ability. You can tap creatures as a casting cost source. Saprolings come in handy for this, and I use to build my army with my saproling deck. Trample is a wonderful ability too. If I have a 6/6 creature and you have a 2/2 to block it, my 6/6 takes two damage, but I kill your 2/2 and deal four damage to your life total.

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A couple of drawbacks with green are very few flying creatures and the mana cost. It isn’t uncommon to see cards with a converted mana cost of seven or eight. I have seen as high as twelve. There are very few cards that have flying. Admittedly, MTG makes up for it with the ability to reach, in my opinion. Plus, if you use another color or even artifacts with green, you can get flying.

My son’s favorite card from green is Vigor. It’s the middle image I put in this article. One of my husband’s favorite is Scute Swarm. It’s the last image. The first image is one of the artworks for saprolings. I love my saprolings.

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Do you play MTG? What is your favorite color? Let me know in the comments below. Maybe we can challenge each other! Until next week…

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