Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash

After the release of the Red Dead Redemption series by Rockstar Games, cowboy gaming has never been quite the same. People clamoured for wide-open spaces, realistic missions, the unbreakable bond between man and horse. So, naturally, the games market has delivered. We’ve rounded up a few options for those that want to experience the Wild West. Whether you’re a quick play connoisseur, an in-depth cowboy guru, or just want to have a disgusting amount of fun, we’ve got you covered.

Western Gold

An online casino wouldn’t necessarily be the first place you’d think to look for a Wild West themed game, but you’d be wrong not to! Western Gold is a slot game that’s as close to a spaghetti western as you could get within the format. After all, the original slot machines were first found in the saloons of America, so it kind of makes sense. Western Gold pulls together all the cowboy iconography that we know and love. On the spinning reels expect to see well-worn cowboy boots, smoking guns, bullion bars, fedoras, glistening belt buckles and, of course, the golden horseshoe. All of this is set against a sun-drenched background of the glorious Grand Canyon, the sky behind it turning from midday blue to deep ochres and reds as sunset progresses throughout the game. With a return to player ratio of 96.12% and a hit rate of 38.98.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash

The Oddworld series is huge – nearly as huge as the sprawling worlds that EA Games have created for them. Oddworld is set, as the name would suggest, in an unusual otherworldly place. Each of the different versions of the game has changing locations, with Stranger’s Wrath being set in a Wild West-themed planet, somewhere in outer space. Published in 2005, this game sees you playing as a guy called Stranger, a bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to find the outlaws that he needs to. The most notable difference to the Wild West portrayed in these other games is that the species in Oddworld are well, odd. Mudokons is the race that Stranger belongs to, a group of humanoids who generally live a peaceful and spiritual life. However, Stranger has run into the Outlaws, themselves a different species of opalescent bluish humanoids, intent on disrupting life as the Mudokons know it. Therefore, all of his inherent calmness has been thrown out of the window and he is ready to take Oddworld back for his people.

Desperados III

For those who like their cowboy games bang up to date with the option for real-time gaming, there’s not another game out there that will check your boxes quite as Desperados III will. This series was already beloved by fans, so much so that there had even been the hilariously titled Helldorado spin-off released back in 2007. It took 13 long years since the spin-off for Desperados III to be released and it has to be said, it was worth the wait. The game is set in the 1870s Wild West and follows the story of protagonist John Cooper. John is a bounty hunter who has to traverse real-life states such as Colorado, Louisiana, and even some parts of Mexico. On his mission, John is to pursue a notorious gang leader and dispatch him. Interestingly for this format of game, it’s possible for players to choose not to kill any enemies at all. You can tie them up or knock them out if you’d prefer, though of course, as with any shooter, there is the option to shoot them. Players can also choose to go in, quite literally, all guns blazing, or operate in stealth mode. Decisions like this that hugely affect the gameplay but give players greater free will are exactly the kind of thing that make the Desperados franchise so successful.