Much to my husband’s dismay, I love watching shows about true crime murder. He says I am trying to make sure I know how to get away with murdering him. ID is one of my favorite cable channels. I used to watch some of these shows on WE TV. WE TV is one of my other favorite networks. Worry not, I have other interests. Food Network and Syfy are probably my absolute favorites. Let’s see what deadly shows I watch.

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1) Snapped is most often about women who kill. I have seen a few guys being the instigators but it is mostly men as partners in crime. In this particular one, sometimes it is teenage girls who are the ones to snap.

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2) Deadly Women is always about women murdering people. Most often it is lovers, current or former, or the new significant other of a former lover. Sometimes it’s women murdering families or children. Those are hard for me sometimes. This one covers more than modern women who murder, it also goes into the early 1900s too.

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3) Fatal Vows is about when marriages fail and turned ugly. Most marriages that end in divorce, while they may be ugly, don’t end in murder. These ones always end with someone dead.


4) Obsession: Dark Desires is from the victim’s point of view. Obsession can start whether in a relationship with the person and you end it, all the way down to passing someone in the street.

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5) Scorned Love Kills is a look into lovers that were shunned by those they are obsessed with. We get to watch what led up to these acts of brutal violence. Sometimes they killed the object of their “love”. Sometimes they kill those around them.

These are my top five murder documentary series. I love watching them. Especially when my husband makes me mad. Is there any you enjoy watching? Or maybe you hate your significant other watching the, Let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next week…