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TGON’s Masked Mateo Jumps Into His First DC Fan Film

Source: BeSquared Productions

Our very own The Game of Nerds cosplayer, Masked Mateo aka The Nightwing will be starring in a DC fan film by BeSquared Productions called Barbara. It’s the journey of Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl before she becomes the Oracle. This psychological thriller of a fan film has just released the teaser trailer for its third film on Friday and it’s absolutely amazing. You can support their IndieGoGo right now to help fund this project. We were able to ask Nightwing some questions about this amazing fan film and its involvement.

Why did you choose the Barbara Fan Film Project?
I chose this project because The director, Brian Bowles, and I have a special project to follow. Before we get to that point, I’d like to give sends of mine a sneak peek of what they can expect.

What makes this fan film different than others out there?
 The difference is that I am in it. I’m confident that there hasn’t been a Nightwing portrayal such as the one that I will bring. I know the lore, I know the different iterations and adaptations. I want to bring something that I’m sure fans would appreciate and have been wanting to see.

Do you have to do anything different for this fan film? Extra working out, training, etc.?  I haven’t changed anything to my regiment, fitness, nutrition, or routine for this role. I think I’ve already been more than prepared for it

What do you hope this project does for you or your fans? I hope this brings a certain satisfaction to fans Nightwing and will reveal the upcoming projects I have planned. Since cosplaying Dick Grayson as Robin, and now Nightwing, fans have requested me to be on some type of screen for quite some time. This may be the opening of more to come. 

What’s your favorite part of working on this project so far? So far, I would just say just being in front of the camera. I’m not camera shy by any means but it feels good to be putting in a cameo for this film. 

Check out the Barbara trailer right here:

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