During this whole shelter in place, I have been lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) to be working the duration. This weekend was probably the first weekend where I had no plans, no interruptions so I sat down Friday after work to do something crazy, start The Walking Dead from the very beginning. I tried to keep phone and computer interruptions to a minimum (as we know it’s avoidable). So in the span of Friday around 6 pm to Sunday at 1 pm, I logged 30 episodes of the show, that got me through the season 3 mid-season finale.

So with that, what did I learn? What is vastly different from the show now? Well a few things, I’ll just cover some of my thoughts, one I wish that the Walking Dead Press center had a picture, but, and I know it’s long out as public knowledge, but I never realized that in season 3, the Governor’s wife in the picture is of Co-Executive Producer Denise Huth. for me, that was a fun little Easter Egg.


The Governor looking just like I did when watching 30 episodes of The Walking Dead this weekend. Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Some things never change, like the stupid decisions that some characters make, or things they should have easily seen but didn’t. Take for instance in Season 2 when the group was stuck in that traffic backup on the highway. Nobody figured, hey let’s take a quick break to search the cars for gas, supplies, and a radiator hose for the RV until after the RV hose busted again.

Something else, that I knew, but going back 7 or so years it really makes it obvious, was the CGI, and the green screen was so apparent and so bad in season 2. As some remember, season 2 wasn’t a guarantee at first, which is also why season 1 was only 6 episodes, and they sort of had to wing it through a lot of season 2. The green screen was bad bad bad, which also shows why they sat at a farm all season. The effects have gotten better, though present-day still has some horrible moments like the deer at the carnival, the background of Rick at the trash heap quickly come to mind.

The biggest takeaway, and so far I haven’t seen the point that the rules fully changed, comes in regards to the walkers. Things you see in season 1 and 2, Morgan’s walker wife is able to try to turn the doorknob on the house they were staying in.

Walkers are able to jog, and run as they chase Rick and Glenn down the street, think that’s enough? One was able to hop over the fence! We see the walkers able to hustle a lot during season one and some during season two. During the tail end of season two as Hershel’s farm is overrun we do see a walker hopping over the fence to try to get to Carol as she is escaping. In season 3, I do know that the walkers still have the speed to them, I’m trying to remember if they had the ability to leap over things, I don’t recall seeing anyone holding objects after those early episodes.

It is curious though, as I don’t think the show has ever mentioned it, at what point did they, using video game terminology, nerf the walkers to make them as not as powerful, and it has to be the rules of the walkers because new present-day walkers don’t come back and have super running, jumping, object holding abilities, so it can’t be something walkers know early on and then lose the ability later.

I have a 3 day weekend coming up. I am unsure if I’m going to sit down and power through a huge chunk again or wait until another time.

No matter how many times I watch it, I don’t at all miss Andrea or Lori. I do miss Shane though.

The regular Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, and Walking Dead Beyond will return, sometime this year!