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Neighbours – Ramsay Street Round-Up

Sheila confronts Karl. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Channel 5 have been slowly reversing out of their decision to cut Neighbours down to two episodes a week ever since they made it, and this week they finally completed the manoeuvre by announcing that as of 11th May the UK will be back up to five episodes a week. Obviously it’s good news, but it makes the original decision even more annoying, because we’re now quite a way behind Australian viewers for no real reason.

So, with my grumble at out of the way, and for the penultimate time, here is my round-up of last week’s three UK episodes.


Karl and Bea persuade Susan to attend a grief support group – and find Sheila there. Mackenzie has misgivings about her new housemate and he definitely spells trouble for Paul. Mark’s concern for Elly grows when he picks up a file that Sky was deliberately keeping from him.


Pushed by Susan, Karl reluctantly admits that he blames her for Finn’s actions. Sheila is shocked to discover that Gary left a mountain of debt, but Dipi comes over to help and the two work out a way to repay what he owed. Elly has a decision to make when she is offered a plea bargain.


Elly decides whether to take the deal and plead guilty to manslaughter. The rift widens between Karl and Susan. Mackenzie returns to school but struggles to concentrate due to the situation with Mannix at home. Harlow follows her back to find out what is going on and all hell breaks loose.

Susan Cannot do a Single Thing Right: Part One

Even though Susan has demonstrated some absolutely phenomenal lapses in judgement in the last year, last week had me feeling really sorry for her, because she can’t seem to put a foot right. She’s struggling with the thought that she’s to blame for the whole Finn disaster, and while Susan has to take the blame for some of it, everyone seems to have forgotten that it was actually Elly who made the final decision to have him come to live with the Kennedy’s.

That aside, a grief support group conveniently has to move from the community centre to the school, and that gives Karl the bright idea that they all go together to help them process their feelings about Finn. But we could all see it coming from approximately five miles away that the grief support group would be the same one that Sheila has been going to. I can forgive the Kennedy’s for turning up, but I cannot forgive them for staying once they see Sheila. They almost leave, but then man running the group tells everyone it’s time to sit down, so they all just shrug and sit down. Then, as if that isn’t bad enough, Susan is asked to share with the group and takes it as an opportunity to try to apologize to Sheila while she has her as a captive audience. It’s so emotionally tone deaf from Susan. Even with her recent track record, I expect better from her.

neighbours sheila karl
Sheila confronts Karl. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Sheila reacts badly to them being there and confronts Karl on the way out, getting him to admit in a roundabout way that he also blames Susan for the Finn situation. Usually in Ramsay Street, people step one metre away from other people and they can no longer hear their secret conversation, but unfortunately for Susan, this time she can somehow still hear Karl’s admission from the corridor. Scientifically speaking, I’m really not sure how sound works in Erinsborough.

Susan Cannot do a Single Thing Right: Part Two

As if the support group faux pas isn’t bad enough, everyone’s favourite sour-faced PTA member rears her head again and tells Susan that they’re calling for her resignation. It’s then later revealed that she’s in cahoots with Claudia, who has wasted no time getting to grips with the petty local politics in her bid to take Aster away from Elly. I don’t think this will be Claudia’s final play – she’s surely got more dirty tricks left in her locker and I suspect she’s just getting warmed up.

Elly Takes a Plea Deal

In a story line that I am rapidly struggling to care about, Elly agrees to plead guilty to Finn’s manslaughter in order to try to avoid going to prison. I have a feeling it’s not going to work, but maybe that’s just down to my radiantly sunny outlook on life. In related news, I’m no fan of Elly’s but I feel like she’s only in this position because Sky is a tedious jobsworth. I used to really like Sky back in the day, but she’s turned into a new Mishti, and quite honestly I cannot wait for her to leave.

Mackenzie’s Situation Escalates Quickly

Mackenzie got Mannix to move in with her to help with the household bills, and she goes from feeling slightly uncomfortable with the fact that he’s put a lock on the door, to being raided by armed police in the space of a couple of days. This story really went from 0 to 60 at an eye-watering rate. I don’t know what Mannix is up to this time, but he really seems to be very bad at doing crimes if the police have caught on to him this quickly, even with the dreaded Sky on the case.

neighbours sky harlow mackenzie
Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Gary is a Pigeon Now

Last week’s most ridiculous story line has to be Sheila making friends with a pigeon in the garden and being convinced it’s a reincarnated version of Gary. The expression on Kyle’s face when she was talking to Pigeon Gary was excellent, and do you know what? Good for Gary. Being a pigeon is a massive step up from being Gary, so congratulations on the promotion, my man.

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