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Neighbours – Ramsay Street Round-Up

© Channel 5. Photo: Digital Spy.

Another week of lockdown complete, and I’ve really missed my daily lunchtime working from home ritual of watching Neighbours on my lunch break. Neighbours has been replaced from Tuesday to Thursday by truly terrible true crime documentaries, which I feel certain are going to melt my brain far more quickly than watching Neighbours would do.

Anyway, here are the summaries for last week’s episodes.


Kyle dreads returning to the place he worked with Gary, but the community rallies around him. Dipi is also grieving her friend and Shane is at a loss how to help. Mackenzie has a secret dilemma. Mark hopes that Finn’s video diaries will help David understand what went wrong.


Elly discovers a shocking truth. Mackenzie’s under pressure. Dipi battles grief.

Dipi Lashes Out at Shane

Poor Dipi is really struggling with the loss of Gary, and as sympathetic as I am to her, I actually felt more sorry for Shane last week. He hasn’t always been the greatest husband, but last week he was desperate to try to help her, but everything he tried missed the mark. Having said that, if I was in the middle of a massive grief spiral and someone suggested going out to a theatre show I would probably knock their head clean off.  It took Toadie’s words of wisdom to bring Dipi round to the realisation that she needs to lean on Shane while she’s getting over Gary’s death. It was a really lovely moment, and it’s nice to see Toadie channelling Old Susan and being an agony aunt. Just as long as he doesn’t start channelling New Susan – you know, the one who lets psychopaths move in with them…

Kyle Learns to Chop Parsley

Kyle was all at sea during his first day running The 82, desperately wanting to do Gary proud and keep the tram fully stocked with ostrich egg omelettes and kangaroo pies (and whatever other horrors are on that menu). Dipi, Chloe and Pierce all rallied round to help him, even though I’m almost certain that Pierce wouldn’t know one end of an apron from the other. Surely a billionaire businessman would be an absolutely hopeless waiter and be more of a hindrance than a help? It was very sweet of them all to help Kyle, but honestly if he’s starting from the point where he doesn’t even know how to chop parsley then I have no idea how he’s going to keep that business afloat.

neighbours elly
Elly is reeling after watching Finn’s video diaries. © Channel 5. Photo: Digital Spy.

Mackenzie Teams up With Roxy

This a team that I didn’t know I wanted until Neighbours gave it to me. I was absolutely not a fan of Roxy when she first arrived, but she has grown on me to the point that I am genuinely pleased when I see her turn up in a scene. Poor Mackenzie needs somewhere to crash, because yet another person is about to trundle off to a different state and leave their ward in Erinsborough without adult supervision. Mackenzie feels like she can’t ask Shane and Dipi if she can stay with them because of what they’re going through, but Roxy has come up with some sort of scheme to help Mackenzie stay. I am in equal parts dreading and looking forward to finding out what her, no doubt disastrous, idea is.

neighbours mackenzie
Mackenzie’s back! © Channel 5. Photo: Digital Spy.

Chloe Wins Idiot of the Week Award

For some reason Chloe thought it would be a good idea to steal confidential police evidence (not very subtly, I might add) and then hand it over to Elly. Not only that, the evidence in question was Finn’s video diaries, which make it very clear that Elly was the catalyst behind Finn regaining his memory and deciding to go on a murderous rampage and set a whole land mass on fire. Chloe’s intentions were good, but I honestly don’t understand how she thought that was going to help Elly in any way. Is Chloe rubbish now? Has she become the new Gary? Is that what’s happening here? I sincerely hope not…


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