I don’t know about you but I absolutely love Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. He does such a wonderful job bring Harry Dresden and the whole Dresdenverse alive. I have read all the books that have come out and am not so patiently awaiting the next book Peace Talks out July 14th, 2020. Can you believe that Harry and the gang have been around 20 years? That’s right this year marks 20 years that Harry has been weaving his magic. To celebrate those 20 years, there is a new piece of jewelry. I will tell you about that in a second.

I love Harry so much that I have been looking high and low for jewelry that is of the Dresdenverse. I could not find anything. I have been on the official website loads of times and have even been in the site store. Then yesterday I followed the link to the store and looked under “What Are You Looking For?” and I clicked “Charms” Next to the pentacle that shows up on the following page will take you to the pentacle on the Badali Jewelry site. If you click on “Officially Licensed” and find Harry Dresden you will be taken to a page of treasures. Here are some such treasures.

The 20th Anniversary Demonreach Pentacle:

Bob the Skull (in two colors):

As much as I love Harry for all that he does, Bob is probably my favorite character.

Harry’s Pentacle:

Source Badali Jewelry

Harry’s Shield Bracelet:

I have always wanted one since I first read about it. I was trying to figure out how to DIY one but now I don’t have to.

There is more on the site. Go take a look. My absolute favorite is the Demonreach Pentacle. I want it so badly I can feel it on me. Unfortunately, it is not available just yet. It will be soon just not now. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…