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Best Superhero Costumes

It might sound attractive to be a superhero but it’s not the easiest of lives. Every superhero seems to have plenty of enemies determined to kill them. Then there’s the fact you need a good costume too. Unless your superpower is fashion related, it can be a difficult task, so who has the best superhero costumes.

It’s ok being able to save the world all the time but no superhero wants to be seen in a terrible costume. One of the best around belonged to Tony Stark aka Iron Man. He’s had plenty of them over the years and they have been becoming more and more attractive. Anyone who’s seen the early comics and his massive cumbersome yellow costume will know how much the appearance of Iron Man has improved.

Stark has also had a hand in providing Spiderman with his costumes. It all helps when you’re just a teenager who can hardly ask Aunt May to darn his costume after another battle with the Green Goblin. It can be a messy business to battle all these supervillains. It’s best to go and out and buy one of the best front load washing machines. Mind you, hanging your costume out on the washing line may give away your secret identity.

You must put some thought into the costumes though. That was made clear in the famed Kenny Everett Spiderman sketch where he had a few problems when needing to go to the toilet, just where is that zip!!

Superman and Batman have had their problems with costumes. The inability to work out that underpants go underneath the costume is a bit of a worry when you are looking for them to save the world. As for the infamous Batman costume with nipples, the least written about that the better. Meanwhile, the Hulk doesn’t really get much chance to sort out a costume.

Some superhero costumes really do look great though and for a variety of reasons. The costume that Wonder Woman wears doesn’t get that many complaints, especially not from male viewers. If you want to look stylish, then it’s hard to top the costume worn by Doctor Strange, now that is classy. Honorable mentions must be given to Green Lantern, a costume far superior to the movie and Captain Marvel herself. Deadpool is another to consider, even if he does look about to rob a bank.

The Flash has had several different costumes over the years. Red really is his color, the problem is he goes so fast it’s often difficult to get a good long look at what he’s wearing.  One problem with superhero costumes is the fact what may look ok in the comic books just looks a bit silly when being worn on the big screen. 

That’s often been the case with Captain America but in ‘The First Avenger’ movie, the designers were on top form. He had the look of a World War Two character but also a superhero complete with his shield, definitely the best superhero costume.


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