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“Superstore” – ‘Sandra’s Wedding’ Recap

Weddings, cats and nautical things on #Superstore.
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The day that no one has cared about is upon the good folks of Superstore: Sandra and Jerry’s wedding. Before the disastrous festivities ensue, the ladies throw the bride a bachelorette party. Carol (Jerry’s ex and all-around weirdo) joins in and while the gals are about to enjoy some delightful cupcakes, spills the beans: she spiked the batter with laxatives. LOTS OF LAXATIVES. Luckily, none of the guests ate them…unluckily, the party bus chauffeur did. And just like that, the party grinds to a halt.

Only Sandra and Jerry would have a nautical-themed wedding at a western-style restaurant. The vibe is completely weird and totally fits the couple’s non-personalities. Of course, nothing is set up (thanks Carol), of course, the caterers walk off the job (thanks Jonah) and of course Dina yells out “Bomb!” during the ceremony (thanks Mateo and his ankle monitor). It’s an ish show but they get through it with no random madness.

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Dina’s hypervigilance pays off though: her constant surveillance of Carol’s movements at the store (courtesy of Marcus keeping an eye on her) alert her to the fact that Carol’s in the wind. Monitoring the entire area (and missing her maid of honor speech in the process), Dina and Amy find Carol about to commit catricide. Sandra’s cat-the ring bearer during the ceremony-is innocently in its carrier when maniacal Carol gets ready to heave the poor kitty out of the window. Dina distracts her with the terrible logistics of the plan and punches her in the gut, thus saving captain kitty and ensuring Sandra’s day remains a happy one.

Courtesy of NBC

As they all dance at the reception, Sandra thanks Dina the best way she knows how with a hug. Her wedding was the perfect combination of weird, wacky and wonderful. And now that it’s over, we never need to see or hear about Jerry every again (I said what I said).

Catch Superstore Thursdays at 8PM on NBC and streaming on Hulu.

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