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“Superstore”-‘Myrtle’ Recap

Signs, symbols and Myrtle remembrances on #Superstore.
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With the death of real-life actress Linda Porter who played Myrtle on Superstore, the sitcom paid remembrance to the longtime actress. The episode dedicated itself to Myrtle’s eccentricities with the usual character shenanigans.

In a surprising move, Myrtle left $1,000 to her “Sweet Prince Jonah.” Nobody’s more shocked then the man himself-the relationship between Jonah and the late octogenarian being nothing more than pleasantries and Myrtle being inappropriate to him.

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With the death putting somewhat of a pall, Dina begins to think of her own mortality and regrets. One of her biggest is not rubbing her deadbeat father’s face in her professional successes. In an idea that’s bound to backfire, Dina has Sandra contact her father and tell her she has died. Her father immediately comes to the store, immediately sees she’s ok and Dina promptly forgets her anger toward the man who abandoned her for 23 years.

As Jonah feels guilt over what to do with his inheritance from Myrtle, the doubts about keeping it creep in. Glenn lays it on thick, stating he’d taken Myrtle to doctor’s appointments, run her errands, etcetera. In a fit of pique, Jonah decides to re-gift the money to Glenn. It’s a silly decision, especially since he didn’t talk it over with Amy…after they decided to use the funds for a vacation to Florida.

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As Dina gets reacquainted with her father, it seems as though she’s trying to impress Howard rather than have him get to know who she actually is. It’s not until he tries to take credit for the strong person she’s become that Dina has enough. She banishes Howard from the store and from her life.

With Glenn in possession of Myrtle’s monetary gift, he decides to donate it to Pastor Craig. In a callback to the Catholic church’s selling of indulgences, Pastor Craig promises for $1,000, Myrtle will get first-class accommodations to heaven. Glenn is gullible enough to fall for it and just like that, Myrtle’s money is gone.

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Good thing Amy’s making solid dough and lets Jonah know he can pay off his debt to her (living rent free in her house) in s-e-x. To be a boss dating an subordinate; the blurred lines never cease.

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