What We Can Look Forward to Seeing at Online Casinos In 2020?

The online gambling industry is one of the most competitive around. With so many providers, the fight for new members is on and to win that fight online casinos have to make their product shine the brightest. The ways they can do that differ from the games they are offering to payment convenience and promotions. Here is what you can expect from online casinos in 2020, and how they will win your sign up.

More Video Slots

Unlike online casinos that have unlimited room to add more games, land-based casinos have to designate their floor space carefully. As a result of recent trends, these casinos are swapping older slot games for more video slots that require an element of skill. This is to cater for the younger gambling market who are not as engaged by those fruit machines.

Although the fruit machines won’t disappear, many online casinos are also following the trend and equipping more video slot games to their arsenal. The breadth of themes and types of slots will expand further in 2020. Take a look at the slot games at PartyCasino to see where things are heading.

Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are growing in popularity as more businesses are accepting them. There are now even exclusive buckets of chicken in Canada’s KFC restaurants that can only be bought in bitcoin. The same is happening in the online gambling world and more online casinos will be accepting bitcoin as a form of deposit in 2020.

Female Marketing

Gambling was once an activity only enjoyed by men. Nowadays, more women are playing casino games because of the accessibility they have to them from their smartphone or desktop computer. Some casinos are even marketing only to women to capture a segment of the audience often not considered. In 2020, expect more female-only casinos and more gambling ads to be tailored to females.

Improving Technologies

Technology is the catalyst to a successful online casino – and the industry as a whole. New technologies are emerging amidst the fourth industrial revolution and some of them will benefit casinos next year. 5G will help us play casino games on the move without disruptions and augmented reality may change how we game from our smartphone further.

Don’t expect to be playing Virtual Reality casinos in 2020 though. Virtual Reality will take a while to be perfected.

Creative Offers

Due to the crowded market and those improving technologies, online casinos are going to have to start coming up with more creative offers to attract new members. Most casinos are using the same types of promotions from free spins to matched bets. These are appealing but a casino with some more creativity could eat up more of the market. The race is on.

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