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TGON Bakes: Frozen Olaf Marzipan Cookies



White chocolate
Orange candy melts
Powdered sugar
Candy eyes
Mini chocolate chips

Source: @disneystudios on Ghipy

How to make

1. Start by melting the candy melts, white chocolate and chocolate.
2. Place them into separate bags for piping.
3. Layout wax paper on a cookie tray.
4. Pipe out Olaf’s arms, hair, and mouth with the chocolate.
5. Use the orange chocolate to pipe out his nose.
6. Finally, use the white chocolate to make his tooth on his mouth.
7. Place the tray into the freezer so the chocolate can harden.
8. Meanwhile, mould the marzipan into Olaf’s lower and upper body, head, and legs.
9. Place a toothpick through all three pieces to keep him together.
10. Get your hands wet and lightly dampen the marzipan.
11. Then cover in powdered sugar.
12. Place on Olaf’s eyes and use a toothpick to create a space for his nose and place the noses.
13. Use the toothpick to create holes for his arms and hair, and place them on.
14. Add his mouth and chocolate chip buttons!
15. Use the chocolate piping bag again to draw on his eyebrows.



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