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The Good Place -‘The Funeral to End All Funerals’

Weekend at Bernie's redux on #TheGoodPlace.
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With the ruling of the 4 humans’ in the hands of the Judge, Eleanor, Tahani and Jason plan their perfect funerals. Tahani’s takes place on a Gulfstream G630 jet, Jason’s poolside and Eleanor’s bar side. It’s a testament to how these three (plus an in-stasis Chidi) have truly become a found family. Their heartfelt eulogies for each other resonate deeply with love and respect-even for Jason whom Janet describes as a “rainbow blob of positivity.”

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In the Judge’s chambers, Michael and Shawn debate how well the experiment went. While the human’s got better incrementally, Brent almost tanked everything with his garbage tendencies. His last-minute acknowledgment of how bad he actually was, ended up saving the experiment.

Although the Judge sided with Michael and the humans, she decided to reboot the whole Earth. In one fell swoop, she decided to wipe out everyone on planet and in the afterlife.

Courtesy of NBC

As the Judge is about to press the reset button (while singing a snazzy rendition of Bone-Thugs-in-Harmony’s “Crossroads”), Janet bloops the doohickey into her void. The Judge rushes in to find it but it’s not there. Striding in with all her pleather glory, Bad Janet confirms the reboot thingy is in her void. She read Michael’s manifesto and is now on the good side. And she gathered all of the Janets to assist with shifting the reset thingamajig into the multitude of Janets’ voids.

With time ticking away-and the Judge checking each void (and marbalizing the Janet after) individually-Eleanor realizes they have about 45 minutes to formulate an actionable approach. She implores Michael to wake up the only person whom humanity can count on to be fair and balanced on ethics: Chidi. Snoozing away in stasis, Chidi has no idea what he’s about to be thrust into in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

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