Pennyworth – Alma Cogan 109 Episode Review

Hello, we are back again with episode nine of Pennyworth, called Alma Cogan.

Alfred is caught by the police, but won’t tell who helped him in killing Curzon and his housekeeper. Therefore he is marked as the only suspect in this case and charged to seven years in jail. When he arrives, he is put in a jail that is overloaded with people. When Sandra goes to see him, she is met with an Alfred that has taken over the prison as the new leader. He even has gotten himself a bed in an excluded area of the cell. Sandra is sent by Dave and Bazza because they want to break him out, but Alfred sends her back with a solid no.

Back in London, the prime minister announces new elections because his party doesn’t have the majority in the parliament
anymore. He opens the elections for all parties, including the illegal Raven Society and No Name League

Lord Harwood goes back to his own house, the one where he got arrested in, with Bet and Peggy. There we meet his wife and his house staff and everyone seems scared of him. When Lord Harwood sees the No Name League tv spot, he finds that she is only nonsense and that his plan is the best one. But Francis Gaunt still disagrees with the idea of replacing the queen by her uncle. She still doesn’t understand why the Sykes sisters are here, but Harwood brushes her off and orders her to try to set up a meeting with the No Name League to make a pact. This news is brought to the prime minister by the inspector, who gets furious because he knows that if the Raven Society and No Name League start to work together, they will be unstoppable. The prime minister gives an order to the inspector to put a hold to this meeting. Therefore, the inspector visits Alfred in prison to offer him a deal: kill Lord Harwood and let the No Name League take the blame and in return, he gets a clear passage if he succeeds. Alfred accepts since he hasn’t got many other options besides spending the next seven years of his life in jail.

Undine Thwaite, the leader of the No Name League makes a tv spot to attract more voters. During the recording of this tv spot, Thomas is asked to deliver a list of the parliamentary seats that the No Name League thinks they can have and which they are willing to give up to the Raven Society. Thomas is also asked to go to the negotiations with the Raven Society in the name of Undine Twaite and the No Name League. By coincidence, Martha also shows up in the recording studio and Twaite tells Thomas to take her along for the female touch. He doesn’t want to take her along, but he eventually agrees because he has no other option. In the Harwood Estate, Harwood asks Bet and Peggy to accompany him to the negotiations.

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In the pub, Dave and Bazza are still trying to make a plan to escape Alfred out of jail when he suddenly stands in front of him. Alfred tells them of the killing of Harwood and without any hesitation, both decide to help him. The next morning, Alfred gets a call from the inspector that the meeting is due to happen that day. When he says goodbye to his mother she warns him to be save and that she doesn’t want him to leave. Especially since his father has cancer and won’t live very long anymore.

Alfred, Dave and Bazza go to the meeting place. There Alfred hears from the inspector that he needs to kill Harwood first and then the two people from the No Name League. But when Alfred sees it’s Martha and Thomas he realizes he can’t shoot them. Then they hear police cars coming their way because the inspector has given up on them finishing the job. So Alfrdeliberatly misses and shoots the tea set causing everyone to flee the meeting place safely but without an agreement between the Raven Society and the No Name League. Sometime later he is saying goodbye to his mother. He is running away because he failed his mission and is worried that he needs to go back to prison.

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Lord Harwood is now certain that the English government wants him dead. He wants to enlist the help of the army since he is always been a supporter of them, but they only listen to the queen. Without her approval, there is nothing they can do for him. So Lord Harwood sends Bet and Peggy to disturb the Queen’s hunting trip. The Queen tries to shoot a deer and one of her men takes a look to see if she hit it. Instead of a deer, he finds a woman with a wounded head. Then Bet is behind him and orders him to cry for help before slicing his throat. When the next man comes to take a look, he is killed too. Leaving the Queen with no one to guard her. Then Bet and Peggy come into sight and hold the Queen under gunpoint.

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