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“Superstore”-‘Forced Hire’ Recap

To be truly clueless takes work on #Superstore.
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With the store in the midst of trying to unionize, alliances between the unlikeliest folks come to fruition. Jonah is forced to team up with the massively underused Marcus. Because Marcus is a warehouse guy, he holds sway with the rest of the warehouse crew. The strength of Cloud 9 unionizing rests with all of the employees coming together in solidarity. In order to prove himself as “one of the guys” (and to get the warehouse workers to listen to him), Jonah downs a gallon of ranch…and earns their ultimate respect.

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Although Mateo is on monitored surveillance, his presence still surrounds Cloud 9. Always a big personality, his shine is a bit dimmed by his circumstances. Cheyenne and Glenn inadvertently make Mateo feel needed by having him help with displays around the store. Mateo, being Mateo, takes an inch and runs a mile; insulting the team by changing their already completed tasks, he manages to toss any goodwill he built up. Oh Mateo.

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In the hilarious a-plot, Dina continues her passive-aggressive (emphasis on aggressive) war against Garrett. After finding out Garrett lost her beloved birds, Dina has relentlessly pursued creative ways to make him miserable. When her archnemesis (only in her mind) Colleen is hired, Dina commands Garrett to haze her to quit Cloud 9. After an ill-timed locker full of fish stunt backfires, Garrett finds himself liking Colleen. Like, really liking her.

In a stunning lack of awareness, Dina believes Garrett is playing the long game. He’ll let her think that, while he spends her money wooing her enemy. Cluelessness for the win!

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