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Superstore – ‘Testimonials’ Recap

Fabricated testimonials abound on #Superstore.
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Superstore was unafraid to touch on the depraved, racist actions of ICE in the premiere and they continue to do so in episode two. With Mateo still detained, the Cloud 9 crew is tasked with providing testimonials to his immigration attorney. The purpose of these statements: get Mateo out on bond.

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While the team embellishes Mateo’s customer service excellence and contribution to society, newly engaged Sandra appoints Dina as her maid of honor. This…partnership surprises everyone: Dina is not the affectionate/friendly/concerned type AT ALL. Sandra-expecting an engagement party-is constantly and consistently rebuffed by Dina, who lets her know an engagement party isn’t on “the list.”

In steps Jonah to the rescue. Feeling badly for Sandra and Jerry, he takes the lead on organizing a small gathering for the couple-to the consternation of Dina. As he sets up a (basic) sheet cake in the breakroom, Dina stalks in to confront him. Jonah makes a wackadoodle excuse about the cake being his lunch. It’s classic Superstore comedy when Dina makes him eat the entire cake.

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Jonah manages to circumvent Dina a second time and gives Sandra and Jerry another party in the stockroom. If it wasn’t so hilariously them, it’d be sad. Dina once again pops up like an omniscient jack-in-the-box and offers to throw an engagement party on Sandra’s day off, at 7AM.

Meanwhile, Mateo’s immigration lawyer Richard, is sifting through the clearly fabricated statements made by the Cloud 9 team. When Richard discovers the store was raided after trying to unionize, he gives them hope for Mateo’s release (as that’s most definitely illegal) on bond. The testimony of Mateo’s ex (and Cloud 9 regional manager) Jeff is necessary and he’s not willing to jeopardize his very middle management position. It takes a guilt trip from Cheyenne to convince him-a guilt trip totally made up by Amy and Cheyenne.

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As Sandra struggles into the store, on her day off AND supplying the food and drinks for her own party, the team is gathered around, eating cake already. Mateo is out on bond and it was the best gift Sandra could’ve gotten.

You can catch Superstore Thursdays at 8PM on NBC, on demand or on Hulu .

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