The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 12 “Sacrifice”

So Commander Waterford was arrested after he followed the person he was meeting into Canada unknowingly. Serena was arrested too. June killed High Commander Winslow. She made it back to Commander Lawrence’s safely but he knows they will be coming for them and he gave June a firearm. Other Martha’s covered up the murder.

Men show up at Commander Lawrence’s home. Apparently they want coffee and sandwiches. Billy decides he will share his plane with June for the 52 kids. June finds out that the Waterford’s are being held pending trial as war criminals. June plays it cool but gets a laugh.

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June goes to the market and starts getting the word out about the plan. Serena’s Martha starts to tell June about the Waterford’s and June let’s her know that she know. The Martha then tells her she wants to help get the kids out. They share an emotional moment.

Serena and Commander Waterford finally get to see each other after being arrested. Serena tells Commander Waterford to worry about himself and he gets pissed. All Serena wants is her daughter. Commander Waterford finally see her for what she is.

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High Commander Winslow’s wife and her friend are in the room where Mrs. Lawrence came out of and was going back into. They all say a prayer for High Commander Winslow. Mrs. Winslow orders June to pray for High Commander Winslow’s safe return. Mrs. Lawrence kind of spills the beans about the kids getting out of Gilead but Commander Lawrence seems to have covered well and everyone knows that Mrs. Lawrence is unwell and gives little credence to what she says.

Serena is allowed to see Nichole. Moira is the one to bring her in. Moira has a few choice words for Serena including gender traitor. Serena is not allowed to call herself Mama to Nichole. Luke also has words for Commander Waterford. Commander Waterford sits there smugly up to the point in which Luke punches him.

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When Mrs. Lawrence makes a choice, it forces June to make her own. Serena is given pizza and reading material while being held. Nice reward for turning on your husband isn’t it? What happened with Mrs. Lawrence? Did June make the right decision? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…


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