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“Mindhunter”- S2E2 Review

The profiles come into shape on #Mindhunter.
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The beauty of Mindhunter’s rookie season was the riff of agents Ford and Tench when they interviewed a multiple murderer. Season two’s second episode goes back to that dynamic when the team is tasked with building a profile of the notorious BTK sociopath.

As Bill had a previous relationship with a Wichita detective who worked the BTK case, he heads to Kansas to try to microwave a cold case. The facts of BTK’s first victims are terrible and awful. The Otero family. Parents. Two kids. Dog. The walkthrough Bill makes of the abandoned Otero home is filled with heaviness. The ghosts of a previously close family cling to the scene and although usually unflappable, Bill is shaken.

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The reserved Agent Tench is further entrenched when he questions a survivor of BTK, Kevin. Suffering from nerve damage, migraines, panic and anxiety disorders, Kevin survived BTK shooting him in the head. His sister-tortured for hours-did not survive BTK’s rampage.

Bill takes this information-including some new observations from Kevin-back to the team. While they’re steadily compiling a profile on BTK, Holden and Bill find out they’ll interview another infamous killer, Son of Sam, aka David Berkowitz.

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Upon completion of their interview with Berkowitz, Holden and Bill discover a crucial lie of the Son of Sam narrative: he didn’t hear voices from his neighbor’s dog, he made all of that up. The major component of the Berkowitz interview is that he returned to the scenes of his crimes to relive the thrill, a point that will most definitely come into play when profiling future serial killers. The plot will thicken.

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