Cosplay at Fan Expo Canada 2019

Attending conventions is an adventure in and of itself. There’s so much going on from the many exhibitors, artists, celebrities, panels, photo-ops etc. What makes going to these events extra special though is seeing the cosplayers.

Fan Expo Canada has been around for 25 years and each time its gotten better and better. Cosplayers too have steadily stepped up their creativity and ingenuity, with many honing their artistry to levels comparable to any highly skilled craft. It’s incredible the amount of detail and thought that goes into making a costume that is both faithful to the character and expressive of the love that a person has for a particular fandom.

The cosplayers were out in full force at Fan Expo and TGON was there to witness it all. Check out some of the pics we took while there:

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Perhaps the most impressive one is the Watcher from Horizon Zero Dawn. Not only does it look impressive but it even made the cricket like noise from the game.

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