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Did you love or hate the new reboot? Either way, the second chapter of It hits theaters September 6th, 2019. Twenty-seven years after the kids defeat Pennywise, they are called back to their hometown because the horror is about to start again. Bill Skarsgard will be playing Pennywise again. The kids though are all grown up. James McAvoy plays Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastian plays Beverly Marsh, Bill Hader plays Richie Tozier, Jay Ryan plats Ben Hanscom, Isaiah Mustafa play Mike Hanlon and James Ransone plays Eddie Kaspbrak. The kids from the original reboot will be featured as well in flashback moments. Check out the trailer I found:

Will they stop the creepy clown this time around? What do think of the new It? Let me know in the comments below. Remember, September 6th, 2019 is when Pennywise comes back. Don’t miss It!

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