Lucifer Season 4 Episode 7 “Devil Is As Devil Does”

Eve seems to be rubbing off on Lucifer in a bad way. Her need for excitement and distraction is causing Lucifer to do bad things like breaking Julian’s back. Now she is riding along for the current case with Lucifer and Chloe.

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Maze is hell bent (excuse the pun) on protecting Linda and the baby. Linda is definitely getting a little creeped out and needs space. She however, doesn’t know the fight happening with Amenadeil and Remeil over the baby. Remeil and Amenadiel do battle over the baby because Remeil wants to take the child and raise it in the Silver City and Amenadiel wants to raise the child on Earth. Remiel admits defeat and says that she will leave but I don’t trust it.

The new case, the dead man Sam, had his spine broke exactly like Julian’s. Dan approaches Jacob Tiernan to point him towards Lucifer so that Tiernan will go after Lucifer and hopefully kill him. Dan still doesn’t know what or who Lucifer is. A guy named Pony Boy shows up at Lucifer’s loft while Chloe’s daughter Trixie is there. Lucifer and Eve protect Trixie just before Chloe, Dan and other police show up.

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Pony Boy doesn’t say that Dan is the one who pointed Tiernan in the right direction. So maybe he really doesn’t know. Eve is egging Lucifer on to punish Tiernan. Chloe still believes Lucifer is a good man. She tells him to look at his wings.

Does Lucifer still have his wings? Does he punish Tiernan? Watch and find out. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…


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