Terminator 6: Dark Fate Is Really Happening!

Remember it hits theaters November 1st, 2019!

It was 1984 when the first Terminator hit box offices. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Who knew 35 years later the Terminator would still be going strong? November 1st, 2019 is when Terminator 6: Dark Fate is premiering in a theater near you.

Source IMDB

Of course Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back as the OG Terminator. Linda Hamilton is back too as Sarah Connor. Naturally I was excited because Linda Hamilton is THE Sarah Connor. Does that mean Edward Furlong is coming back as John Connor? I can’t quite get a read on it. Sorry gals and guys, wish I could give you something definitive on that front.

Source IMDB

Here is the trailer I found that has me all giddy:

Are you jumping with excitement? I know I am. I have been watching since the first movie. (Geez I’m old) Even my kids have seen the movies. Let me know what your thoughts about this series is in the comments below. Remember it hits theaters November 1st, 2019! Til next week…

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