Disney’s Live Action Aladdin In Theaters In May!

We know Disney is a heavy hitter in the movie arena. For years they had hit after hit in the animated world. For years they have been taking their hits from animated to “live action”. Some were smashing successes. Others, well, not so much. Now it is Aladdin’s turn for a revamp. My big thing is Genie. He is being played by Will Smith. Now Will is a spectacular actor but how will his Genie hold up to Robin William’s Genie? Mena Massoud plays Aladdin and Naomi Scott plays Jasmine.

Source IMDB

Here is a look at one of the trailer’s for the upcoming Aladdin in theaters May 23rd, 2019:

I am looking forward to this new look at Aladdin. Are you? Let me know why or why not in the comments below. Remeber! May 23rd, 2019 is the premier! Til next week…

Source IMDB

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