Modern Family Season 10 Episode 18 Recap

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Picture Source: Modern Family, ABC

The new episode titled “Stand By Your Man” was witty and fun.  Mitch forgot his and Cam’s anniversary, Phil plans on having Luke, Dylan, and Bill to watch a fight, and Jay’s business of making dog beds is starting up.

The episode starts with Mitch asking Cam to turn off the lights as Cam counts down the seconds and says that Mitch missed their anniversary.  Then turns off the lights.  Mitch surprises Cam the next morning with a gift of a belt buckle and apologizing for forgetting their anniversary.  Cam seems to forgive him and asks if Mitch wants to come to a line dancing thing to which Mitch says absolutely not.  Once at the bar Cam is having fun with his friends when Mitch surprises Cam by showing up wearing a whole getup which looks very forced.  Mitch then joins the line dancing and messes it up bringing everyone’s attention to him.  Cam then takes them off the dance floor embarrassed.  The bar is then having its beer chugging competition and Mitch joins, completely messing it up and being the slowest to chug, thus making the team lose.  They then talk about how they will have lots of anniversaries as long as they don’t do everything together.

Phil is first seen when he takes the smallest bite of a pepper and then proceeds to rinse his mouth and chug milk.  Claire then walks in asking why there is so much food and why Phil is watching a fight when he never did so before.  The guys show up and Phil wants to show off a little by opening a beer on the edge of the table but leaves a scratch and tells people to be hush hush about it to Claire.  Phil then tells a story about his biker gang while Bill interrupts and tells a story of how he once had to climb into an elk to keep from freezing.  Bill then eats a whole pepper without flinching and Phil is even more threatened.  Phil then realizes that he bought the wrong Pay Per View, instead of MMA he had purchased Mama Mia.  The next while is spent with Phil on the phone with the cable company trying to get a refund and to buy the correct program.  Once he realized that that was no longer an option he shows Karate Kid to which none of the guys respond well to.  The guys then understand that Phil is feeling like no one looks up to him and they assure him that everyone looks up and respects him.

Gloria and Jay are in their kitchen with Jay on the phone with a ad network trying to get them to televise his dog beds.  Gloria is clearly not excited about Jay being on TV selling the dog beds and tells him not to tell anyone that he will be on until afterwards.  Gloria sets up a mock TV commercial and tells Jay to practice, Jay calls Gloria out about her not wanting him on TV because she thinks he will embarrass him.   Once Jay gets on live television he chokes and doesn’t actually sell the dog beds at all.  Gloria saves Jay by calling and asking questions about Stella to get him to loosen up.

Claire is asked by Mitch to watch Lily and she confesses in the interview that she is terrified of Lily.  Claire thinks that Lily is just quietly watching her and judging her.  Lily then comes up to Claire and asks her why she doesn’t like her.  Claire then says that she thought the same thing about Lily.  The two talk and Lily says that she just gets nervous around Claire because she is so cool.  They soon realize that neither one is cool and decide to be uncool together.

The episode ends with the whole family watching Jay on TV and being extremely embarrassed by him.


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