Modern Family Season 10 Episode 16

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Picture Source: Modern Family, ABC

Modern Family’s new episode titled “Red Alert” is probably one of my favorite episodes to date.  The episode was equally funny and important in its message.  Lily gets her period, and Haley gets her motherly instincts, while Claire finally becomes the head of the company for real.

The episode centered around Lily who wouldn’t leave the bathroom while her fathers try to figure it out.  Mitch and Cam are doing their best but feel that talking to a woman might be beneficial so they call for reinforcements.  Gloria, Haley, Alex, and Manny all show up.  Gloria talks about how this is a right of passage and that she is now a woman.  Haley tells her this is great because now Lily can get out of anything she wants if she uses her period as an excuse.  Alex brings information about how the body works and uses all kinds of medical terms.  And Manny tells her that she is a blossoming flower which earns him an F bomb.  In the end, nothing helps Lily until her fathers tell her they love her and that they will learn together and get through it together.  This was one of the sweetest moments that earned an “aww” from me.

Claire gets an offer for a CEO position at a cookie company and she doesn’t think she’ll go to the interview until she gets to work and sees that Jay had gone around her in most of the decisions she made.  Once at the interview she saw that the cookie company was not the place she wanted to be but came back to Jay saying she was considering it.  Jay understood that she wanted to be the boss and said that he is ready to step down completely as he wants to start a company for dog beds.

Lastly, Phil has trouble sleeping because he is so worried about Haley not knowing how to be a mother.  He had gone to a class with her and she answered every question incorrectly.  Haley is worrying about this too.  She sees that Dylan is getting the hang of it all while she is struggling to accomplish every task like swaddling.  Phil’s lack of sleep effects his work and he has to redo a commercial he has to shoot multiple times.  In the end he comes back home completely exhausted and Haley calms him and swaddles him in a blanket on the couch as he smiles and finally falls asleep happy knowing that Haley will get the hang of it.


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