Before Disney got a hold of it and chopped it up significantly, A Wrinkle In Time was a book that won several awards. It follows Meg and Charles Wallace Murry and Calvin O’Keefe as they search for Meg and Charles Wallace’s dad.

Meg doesn’t really fit in with her class mates. She feels quite ugly. She can be very stubborn. The fact that her father has been missing has made this so much worse. She lives with her mother who is a scientist like her father. She has three brothers as well. Sandy and Dennys are twins and between Meg and Charles Wallace with whom she is extremely close too. Charles Wallace is a genius but has difficulty speaking to people outside his family.

Charles Wallace introduces Meg to Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which. The three ladies want to help Meg and Charles Wallace find their father and they show the children how to tesser which is making a wrinkle in time and space. Calvin, who goes to school with Meg comes along. With their first tesser they come to the planet Uriel. This is where the ladies explain to the children about the Black Thing. It is a force of evil that wants to take over the universe.

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There next stop is Camazotz a strange planet where the Ladies cannot follow and CENTRAL Central Intelligence is found. Charles Wallace allows himself to be hypnotized by the red eyed man to find where their father is. Once Mr. Murry is found he tessers himself, Calvin and Meg away from Camazotz but leaves Charles Wallace behind. Meg almost dies because of Mr. Murry’s inexperience in tessering. Aunt Beast on the planet Ixchel nurses Meg back to health and helps her overcome her anger.

The Ladies are finally able to rejoin Meg and Calvin. When Meg is whole again they charge her with going to rescue Charles Wallace. Each Lady gives Meg a gift. Mrs. Whatsit gives her love. Mrs. Who gives her a quote from the bible and Mrs. Which tells Meg she has something that IT does not. Meg tessers right to Charles and is able to tear him away from IT because she possesses love which IT does not.

Meg, Charles Wallace, Calvin and Mr. Murry are tessered back home and reunited with their family.

A Wrinkle In Time was made into a movie twice. Once in 2003 and then again by Disney in 2018. Just for the record I didn’t care for the Disney adaptation of it. It was beautiful but missing a lot. What are your thoughts on A Wrinkle In Time? The book or either of the movies. Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…